You’re engaged! Our top tips on choosing your wedding photographer

After deciding on the style of photography you like and your budget, it is likely that you have a list of potential photographers that could fit the bill for your wedding. But how do you choose?

Today we want to share a few of our top tips on how to choose the wedding photographer that suits your style and wedding day perfectly.

1. Are they experienced?

Also worth considering is whether they have they shot at your venue. This certainly isn’t necessary; however it is an additional bonus if they have! You will be able to see images of weddings they have taken there, and be confident that they will know the best places and locations at the venue for some great shots. Take a look at some of the exciting places we’ve been for wedding shoots on our Venues page.

2. Do you get along?

Don’t underestimate the importance of liking and getting along with your photographer. For most, having your photograph taken can be a nervous experience, and throw in the emotions of a wedding means you should be confident your photographer will do their best to make you feel happy and comfortable. Remember: your photographer will be with you for the majority of your wedding day, and the more comfortable both of you are with the photographer, the better the photos will turn out.

3. Are they popular?

Testimonials and reviews can reflect what a photographer is like to work with, as well as how happy people have been with their photos. If the photographer has experience, then they should have a lot of testimonials and great references! Check their social media reviews as well as their website to see what their previous clients’ thought.

We’ve worked with lots of lovely couples over the years – you can read some of their stories on our Testimonials page.

wedding photographer selfie with bride and bridesmaid

4. Do you love their work?

Seeing a photographer’s actual photos can show you how experienced and versatile they are – just make sure you can view a complete wedding, not just their best shots, to give the best impression. You are looking for consistency, you want to make sure the style that attracted you to the photographer’s work flows through the whole album.

To see a gallery of our fantastic weddings, swing by our Gallery page.

5. Are their packages suitable?

Pricing is a key factor when choosing your photographer, and so it is important that you are able to have the images and products you like at the price-point you can afford. Many photographers have set packages to choose from for wedding bookings, with a variety of add-ons and post wedding prints and albums. The key here is to look for flexibility and ensure that you will be able to order items after the big day.

You can view our range of packages and pricing here.


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